March 10th, 2017 – Hiatus, Updates, Podcast

Been a while since I updated the news here, hasn’t it?  Since December, up till this month, I’ve been dealing with my medical condition getting worse.  I’ve been getting tests done and working a lot at my new job, so creatively, I have been drained of energy physically and mentally.

However, I took on a couple commissions recently just fine.  I haven’t been working on my personal music for a while, I’m taking a break from that until I get properly treated, I got my tests back today from my specialist, well one of them, coming back negative….so still going through processes of getting diagnosed for treatment, I’m tired of it really.

In other news, many of you have had trouble contacting me because apparently, Yahoo isn’t delivering all my emails, which I am not happy about.  So, from now on, you can contact me on my alternate email which will now be my main for commissions:

I’ve been doing my “Talking Real” series and busy with life but I’m hoping to take on more commissions!  I really could use the money.  My dad hasn’t been doing so well with his leg and back pain 😦 so yeah…but shoutout to my wonderful new girlfriend Alyx, whom I adore and cherish.  ❤  Love you all, talk to you soon.

New Talking Real episode:




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